The Giving Machine

You may already know, there is an absolutely free and painless way of generating income for the Friends of the Friarage (or any other charity) when making online purchases. 
Friends of the Friarage are registered with The Giving Machine (TGM), which negotiates automatic commission from many online sellers – including especially Amazon, Sainsbury’s, Argos, some holiday companies, clothing stores, etc.
Anyone, can sign up with TGM and nominate Friends of the Friarage as their beneficiary.  
When you make a purchase you need to remember to go first via the TGM website, check whether the seller participates, and only then click through to the seller’s website.  You then make your purchase exactly as normal  –  and bingo, the cash duly arrives in our bank account in a few weeks’ time, with no further action on the buyer’s part.   The buyer pays nothing extra at any stage.