Board of Trustees

Shirley Donaldson

Since joining the 'Friends' in 1985 I have been totally committed to upholding their aims. I am passionate about the Friarage and appreciate the valuable work it does. I have been actively involved in all aspects of fundraising. I particularly welcome the opportunity to meet patients which is why I enjoy distributing presents to those unfortunate to be in hospital over Christmas. I have been responsible for the purchasing and wrapping of gifts for over 25 years. I am honoured to be President of the Friends and welcome the opportunity to continue to support the Friarage as my enthusiasm for our aims is undiminished.

Donna Jermyn

I worked in the NHS from 1979 in a variety of clinical and managerial roles before taking early retirement in 2015. I started working in the Friarage Hospital as a radiographer in 1992, eventually becoming the Hospital Manager in 2011 until 2014. Although no longer employed by the NHS, I still support the ideal of high quality healthcare, delivered locally. After many years of observing their unstinting enthusiasm and commitment to raising funds to help improve the care and wellbeing of local patients and staff, I was delighted to join the Friends of the Friarage in 2014.

Chris Baker

I have lived in the Northallerton area all my life. I enjoyed a long career in banking with Barclays Bank, taking early retirement in 2006. For the following six and a half years I worked at the Rural Payments Agency in Northallerton before retiring fully in 2013. I have been actively involved with the Friends of the Friarage since 1993, initially as a volunteer in the coffee shop in the old waiting area. I have been Secretary for the Hospital Shop committee for many years and became Vice-Chair of the charity in 2007.

John Wright

I have lived in Thirsk with my Fiancé Kimberley since 2013 after studying Law at Leeds Met University.  I have worked in Financial Advice and Wealth Management since 2008 with HSBC.  We have 2 young sons who eat into my time playing Golf and Cycling but are worth every second of it. Other than that,  I’m a lifelong fan of Middlesbrough FC. It is an honour to be the treasurer of this fantastic charity and I feel proud to be part of something that the local community feel so passionately about. 

Ian Sykes

Ian has lived in Northallerton for 32 years. He is married to Maureen and has 2 sons, Richard & Mark. Ian previously worked for Barclays Bank for 28 years and has spent the last 17 years as Postmaster in Bedale. He enjoys football, golf, and walking. A Committee member for 31 years and Treasurer for 23 of them.

Derrick Brearley

Born 1955 in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, I spent most of my working life in the Midlands before taking early retirement and relocating to Northallerton. My former careers include pharmaceuticals as a Medical Representative for CIBA-GEIGY a large multinational; visiting General Practitioners, hospital consultants, retail and hospital pharmacists. I have 15 years NHS experience as a registered Biomedical Scientist specialising in Haematology and Blood Transfusion. My interests include being a Member of the National Trust and attending Steam engine rallies. I was appointed a Trustee of The Friends in 2016 and I volunteer in the Hospital Shop.

Lyn Proud

Hi, I’m Lyn. I am married to John and have three children and 4 grandchildren. I live in Northallerton and worked at the Friarage Hospital for 21 years. My interests and hobbies include spending time with my grandchildren and supporting them in all their many and varied activities, cake decorating, genealogy and reading historical novels, particularly the Plantagenet and Tudor period. I am a member of Northallerton Rotary Club supporting its projects in Nepal. I joined the Board of Trustees for the Friends of the Friarage in October 2015 and am responsible for arranging Events and helping with Fund Raising.

Steve Lamb

Steve joined the Friends over 20 years ago as assistant to our treasurer. He came to Northallerton from Scunthorpe with his work at the local Barclays branch, although he was born and brought up in York. From 2007 till 2013 Steve was Chairman of the Friends and during this time over £1 million pounds’ worth of equipment was funded by the Friends. For over 12 years Steve has been the regular Sunday morning volunteer in the shop selling newspapers, sandwiches and gifts to patients, staff and visitors. Why don’t you sign up to join him in this worthwhile and much valued service?

Jim Dixon

I have lived locally for 18 years and worked at the Friarage Hospital for 14 of those, seeing many changes to the organisation in that time. I maintain my connection with the Friarage by volunteering in the Friends Shop on a weekly basis. I am proud of the friendly, caring and efficient service our hospital provides for the local and wider community in North Yorkshire. I am concerned about any erosion of services at our local hospital and want to assist in preventing further losses and at the same time do all that is practicable to enhance current services and facilities through the assistance that the Friends of the Friarage can provide.

Antony Walters

I initially came to live and work in Northallerton in 1985, being a junior doctor at the Friarage Hospital. Having completed my training on the General Practice training scheme I became a GP in rural South Australia before returning to Northallerton in March 1989. I became a GP partner at the Mayford House Surgery in Northallerton from that date until my retirement in October 2016. For a number of years I was also a medical director of the Hambleton and Richmondshire Primary Care Trust. Both of our children were born at the Friarage, and we regard the hospital as an important local service and resource.

Lesley Dixon
My name is Lesley Dixon and I have lived in Brompton for over 40 years. 
I am a retired teacher and have taught in many local primary schools. 
My family and I are so grateful for the services available at the Friarage Hospital! We have often benefitted from the wonderful care it provides.
Therefore, I am delighted to be involved with the Friends of the Friarage where I feel I can help in some way to support our precious hospital.
Susan Watson

Susan was born and grew up in Scotland before moving to Northallerton in 1992. She has worked for the NHS for more than 30 years - 22 of those with South Tees Hospitals. 
Susan has two grown up children who were both born at the Friarage. Her husband, mother and father have all been treated at the Friarage and always had excellent medical and nursing care. She's a member of the United Reformed Church in Northallerton and, with her husband, dances with the Northallerton Caledonian Society.  Once a month you can find Susan working in the Friarage shop where she’s still learning the ropes. 

Mike Bramble

Professor Mike Bramble is a retired Consultant Gastroenterologist having worked at Middlesbrough General Hospital and then the James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough since 1982.  He was Vice-President of the British Society of Gastroenterology and Chairman of the British Society of Gastroenterology Endoscopy Committee 2000-2002. From 2000 -2006 he advised the government on endoscope decontamination in relation to CJD and patient safety. In April 2005 he became the Trusts Medical Director, retiring in June 2010 and returning to part time clinical work, mainly at the Friarage, until 2018. In 2013 he was appointed to the Board of Sunderland CCG for a 4-year period as the designated Secondary Care Doctor

Denise Passman
I have been Secretary of the Friends of the Friarage for 25 years going back to when the charity was named the League of Friends. I have worked with 6 Chairmen over these years and managed to get on with all of them. Prior to coming to work in the hospital I was, for several years, a housewife and mother and before then I worked within a family business and then moved on to ICI and employment for the Directorate.