How Can I Help?

By regularly giving a few hours a week to one of the volunteering activities that make the Friarage Hospital a welcoming and supportive place for patients, staff and visitors.

Even if you do not have experience, you are valuable to us. We can provide the necessary training. Contact us to find out more.


The shop is staffed and managed by the Friends of the Friarage and our volunteers. The shop is open throughout the day, every day. Patients, staff and visitors can purchase from a wide range of products including newspapers, magazines, toiletries, small gifts, confectionary, snacks and drinks. The profits from the shop are entirely devoted to supporting the Friarage.


The trolley service takes a selection of items from the shop around the wards to the patients. This is only way we can ensure that every patient has the opportunity to buy a newspaper, magazine or small treat for themselves that will keep their spirits up. It is a particularly valuable service for patients who, for whatever reason, do not get regular visitors.



The escorts provide a helpful and efficient service to members of the outpatients department by offering a friendly welcome to patients and guiding them to the correct consulting room. The support provided by the escorts is essential to the successful running of the outpatient department and greatly mproves patient experience.